Fly rod line up:



Signiture Series

This medium action rod is an excellent roll caster, ideal for rivers and streams with overhanging trees or other difficult casting situations. The average caster can accurately throw line from 15’ to 50’ with this series. It is an excellent all around rod and my personal favorite.





Designed for windy conditions, this parabolic design throws a lot of line and holds a tight loop, making it a good choice for lake fishing and big rivers. I use it when fishing lakes in the Sierra Nevada mountains.




River Run

This is a slow action design for those who prefer a more relaxed casting style. A full flex rod, it will do a lot of the work for you if you don’t try to overpower it. It is my “go to” rod when I plan on fishing all day.



River Bend

The River Bend is also a slow action design but is a bit faster than the River Run. With a stiffer tip than the River Run, it is a particularly good dry fly rod.



The Signiture series, Windjammers, River Run, and River Bend rods are all available in the following lengths and weights:

7’6”      3 and 4 wt

8’0”      4, 5 and 6 wt

8’6”      6 and 7 wt      



Golden Rod ultra lights 1 and 2 wt rods

East Fork 6’3” 2 wt

An excellent dry fly rod for small streams and pocket water. Designed primarily for roll casting.

West Fork 7’6” 2 wt

Ideal for ponds, Golden Trout, and pan fish